Pay Per Click Advertising

How does Pay Per Click Advertising work?

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) is one of the most powerful, transparent and cost efficient methods of digital advertising available. Most widely used within search engine advertising platforms like Google AdWorlds and Bing Ads, it’s also a popular advertising payment methods on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Apple iAds.

When you advertise, you are only charged when a user clicks on your specific ad. The amount you’ll need to pay per click is dependent on a large number of factors including the audience you are targeting, the competiveness of a certain keyword you are going after, the historical performance and relevance of your ad and more. The cost of a click can range anywhere between a couple of cents per click to over $100 per click.

Types of Pay Per Click Advertising

Google AdWords

We can help you implement a Google AdWords strategy that will allow your business to have instant visibility amongst your target market when they search for your products or services on Google.  Once we have identified your target market, we will identify the types of keywords they are searching for, develop landing pages on your website with useful content and identify the call to actions that will encourage your target market to enquire.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook as a social advertising platform is a great way to drive traffic to your page. Using Facebook cost per click advertising, we can help you reach out directly to your target market and encourage them to engage with your brand.

Display Advertising

If you are looking to extend the reach of a larger marketing campaign or to generate demand or brand awareness for a new/unknown product or service, display advertising is definitely for you.


Remarketing campaigns target visitors who have recently visited your website, to remind, up sell, cross sell or incentivise them.