Google App for Android Gets Offline Search to Deal with Spotty Connections

Google App for Android Gets Offline Search to Deal with Spotty Connections

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If you are struggling with a less than perfect internet connection, your Google Android search app will keep attempting those searches for you!

There is nothing quite as frustrating as dealing with a phone that has lost its internet connection. This is especially the case when you’ve been trying to find something on Google. Fortunately, the latest version of the Android App helps with that.

Google recently announced that the latest version of their Android App will work more effectively in areas that struggle with internet connectivity. If the signal drops, Google will continue attempting to search until the connection returns. When it does, you’ll receive a notification that the search has successful been completed.

When you begin the process, you will be notified that your device is offline. However, there will be an alert just as soon as Google can find a signal. When it comes on, your search results are ready to be reviewed. You won’t need to search again or go through an additional process. That means even if it pops back offline, you’ll have the information you need so you are ready to go again. This will reduce data charges and battery drain that used to happen in the past. That will mean far happier users thanks to this revolutionary change.

Here is a GIF of it in action

Google app for Android gets offline search to deal with spotty connections



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