Google's Content Network

Google's Content Network

Googles Content Network

Most people have no idea how Google's Content Network works, or even exactly what it is. "Content" Google ads on all the other websites on the Internet. It's the advertiser side of "Google AdSense."  

Because of its mystery, it holds the secret to a lot of power. Even more so if you're in a "consumer" market. Because most advertisers don't understand it, to them it's just a nebulous cloud where clicks appear seemingly out of nowhere.  

If you're up to speed on the Content Network, you're 2 years ahead of everyone else.  

Here are the most important things you could possibly know about Content:  

1. You should separate Content campaigns from Search campaigns and manage them individually.  

2. You MUST track conversions, because people who click don't necessarily respond.  

3. There's a tab called "Networks" that shows you the clicks and conversions you get on a per-website basis. Sort this list and eliminate sites that don't convert. This will save you TONS of money.  

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