Electronic Direct Mail

Electronic Direct Mail

Electronic Direct Mail

E-newsletters Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) should be a key component in your online marketing strategy and included as a regular communication tool. Getting your information in front of them on a regular basis will increases the odds that will turn new or return clients.  It ensures that you are front of mind and increases the chance of a sale. In order to increase these sales and online marketing communication opportunities, it’s important to increase the number of people who subscriber to your e-newsletter. 

Below are 6 ways to help you get more e-newsletter subscribers and grow your online marketing communication list:

1 Post past e-newsletters on your website. 
People appreciate the convenience of having content delivered to them instead of them having to go and look for it. This will help both with your search engine optimisation and you’ll give potential subscribers a taste of what you have to offer.

2 Offer something people really want in exchange for signing-up. 
Free reports, audio and video products, online courses, training documents, ‘how to’, access to exclusive specials and discount offers will motivate people to give you their details. Remember to keep to offers free with new and improved product!

3 Promote your newsletter.
Promote it in forums, social networks, your email signature, profile pages and any other form of business communication. People will likely click through and are curious, therefore linking to your newsletter and website. Remember to offer them something attractive to sign up.

4 Cross business promotions. 
For example if your niche is personal training, cross promoting your newsletter with a website with a nutritional food is a good mix. Offer your intellectual information to other relevant businesses to pick up some of their subscribers.

5 Place your sign up form in the best position on your website.
Sign up forms are best positioned located on the top right hand side of a website. As people are generally right handed they tend to read left to right and use their right hand for clicking on the mouse. This automatically triggers their mind to enter details on a form positioned on the right hand side of the page. Remember to also split test what works best for your site, expecially if you have micro sites or landing pages.  Simply create two identical landing pages and place the sign up form in two different locations. Test for a month and see which one gets more subscribers.  

6 Use a strong call to action.
Don’t be shy about asking people to sign up. Clearly state with an arrow ‘sign up here’ or ‘enter your details here to receive a free...’. Make is clear and obvious. 

Your newsletter can be a great business building asset, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to collect leads.

If you need help to create/write/design an e-newsletter, Original Internet Design can do this for you. Call us for a quote. 

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