SEO Proves Strategy Driven

SEO Proves Strategy Driven

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SEO has always proven its place in the world of tactical importance. After all, isn't that what this feature was designed to do? To improve traffic and rankings in the cyber world of getting noticed (and to generate income), has always been the goal of taking verbiage and creating a science of structure.

However, refusing to look at the more strategic function of SEO is doing a disservice to businesses that rely so heavily on staying ahead of the game. Set aside the tools of the SEO tactics for a moment and begin exploring the strategy that is really behind the game.

Cost Savings

The price of digital media can become substantial, especially in verticals like Pay-Per-Click (PPC). Relative to the legal field, this cost can exceed $200. When SEO is able to be implemented in the C-suite, the strategic impact is quite noticeable.

Better Competitive Edge

The search engine results page (SERP) gives companies the opportunity to go around competitors by increasing traffic and revenue. Improved market share is often the result, making acquisition opportunities more prevalent. By using SEO as a tool in the strategic battle for first place, you gain the upper hand, and dollar.

PR Persuasion

SEO and public relations share a common interest. Both work towards improving a good impression to customers and improving their visibility. It is not unusual to see a PR agency add a separate service of SEO to their list of offerings, and vice versa. You will almost always see an online reputation management (ORM) company include SEO as a vital component in their marketing strategy outline.

Improved Media Campaigns

A targeted audience is essential in delivering exposure to any media campaign. While not directly a part of the initial package, SEO has the ability to track the effectiveness of the campaign. Whether it be a pattern to given participation or new ideas for future audiences, SEO provides the barometer needed in taking that next step in campaigning.

Knowing what the Public Wants

Trying to second guess a client's next reaction to a new product or service is impossible to achieve without some type of gauge for prediction. Both paid and organic SEO platforms can provide the answer to where the public wants to go with new products and services. Armed with this type of information, research can begin in creating the right studies in potentially new developments.

Laying the Right Ground Work for Strategy-Driven Success

Your organization must realize that SEO is a real part of success and, therefore, requires a streamlined effort throughout all departments. From the technology team to the marketing group, everyone plays an important part in making sure that SEO strategy is respected and implemented. The final ruling may lie with the CEO or the VP of Acquisition Marketing, but the SEO strategy implementations must be heard and put into place.

Where to Begin SEO Discussion in Planning

Any new project takes great planning and implementation. Often, the SEO aspect as a strategic asset is forgotten until the site is active. This can prove to be costly in redesigning the software to incorporate an idea that should have been included in the beginning. Before a thought is even put to paper, step back and consider the recommendations of Adobe's Warren Lee in starting out a project with one of the most crucial strategies - SEO.

A. Corporate-wide knowledge and training on SEO, to include the importance and individual department involvement.

B. Cross-sectioning of integrated processes throughout the workflow.

C. Never lose sight of the importance of SEO strategy by having regular meetings on search visibility and always include in marketing decisions that arise.

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