Does Facebook really work

Does Facebook really work

Does Facebook really work

We often hear from clients the question, “Does Facebook really work”.  The answer is YES! However, it does take time and dedication to build a Facebook audience and keep them interested. Once you do that, having a Facebook account (and other social media accounts) will help to drive traffic to your website or blog, build brand awareness and increase consumer engagement. 

So the big question is: How do you get Facebook working better for your business? There are many ways to grow your page.  Here are 7 suggestions on how to build and audience and keep them engaged. 

  1. Ask questions to your ‘likers’  such as their opinion,  to share an experience they may have had, ask what they would do in a situation, ask them to answer a quote or finish this sentence (eg If at first you don’t succeed.....?)
  2. Add a link to your e-newsletter or blog on your Facebook page. Remember to make it in interesting information or people won’t read it.
  3. ‘LIKE’ other business pages from your own business page and then comment on their page as your business. Sound confusing? It is actually pretty easy, so don’t be scared to give it a go!
  4. Run exclusive promotions or competitions only offered to your Facebook LIKERS.  Currumbin RSL is an example of a good Gold Coast business doing a great job to use social media and offering exclusive competition and promotions to their LIKERS  
  5. Post a ‘quote’ and ask people to LIKE or SHARE the quote if they agree. 
  6. Link you Pintrest, Instagram, Twitter accounts (if you have them!) in an application on your page.  When you post a new image on your instagram account, followers will also be able to see these images.
  7. Integrate your Facebook account to your website and e-newsletter so people can LIKE your page when visiting your website.
  8. Don’t post too much! This is very important because people don’t want to be overwhelmed by the same business more then 2 to 3 times per day. If they see you posting to many times, they may ‘unlike your page’.
  9. Promote a post. It is now deemed that Facebook will only show 10% (if your lucky!) of your LIKERS a post you may have written. So unless you have a post that is extremely interesting to this 10% of audience and they comment, like or share the post, it won’t be seen by the other 90% or go viral to their friends. In this case, you can ‘promote’ a post from between $5 - $30, depending on your audience size. It is how Facebook makes money and it can be a valuable way to grow your LIKERS and get your important message out there. 
  10. Put trust in your staff. Have your staff get involved in your Facebook page. Give them autonomy to post comments and help grow the page for your business. Just ensure they know how you want your business to be viewed on line and what ‘tone of voice’ is best for your business. 

Remember to be careful and adhere to the Facebook promotional rules, or your page could be shut down without notice! 

Only Digital can assist to set up your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, train you on best social media practices and which social media platforms may be best for your busienss. Contact us today for more information.

If you have other ideas how to increase reader engagement  and traffic to a Facebook page,  please comment below.

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